Thursday, July 14, 2016

Today's Chat (Sometimes No Embellishment is Needed)

 SHOUT: I'm a scruffy middle eastern
 otter that loves getting my cock and
 hole serviced by older, slightly
 submissive, masculine daddy types.

 Are you an older (45+) masculine
 man? Do you love getting your face
 between a hairy man's legs? Do you
 like to be called "daddy" by the
 person who's penis you are licking?
 Do you need to call me "boy" while
 making my cock quiver and ooze
 precum due to your oral talents? Do
 you know how to appreciate a boy
 who will wear his tightest briefs just
 so you'll be proud to see the bulge
 you inspire as you pull my pants
 down? Do you want to play daddy for
 an extremely horny boy open to
 trying new things and ready for
 suggestions? Do you want to take
 your time and really learn how to
 please my hairy crotch? If you are an
 older (45+), masculine guy that can
 host and is into playing with a guy like
 me, I wanna hear from you! Calling
 me "boy" in your response is a good
 way to increase you chances of a

           Next time I'm back in town, I want to 
           show you just what a horny daddy 
           does to serve and worship his horny 


 I'd love that!

                *PRIVATE MEDIA HAS BEEN 


          Thanks. I really am a deeply sub 
          daddy for a dominant son who knows 
          His body exists for worship.

 Sounds like just what I need! I love
 subservient older men!

         I'm sure You know how to keep Your
           dad in his place, son.

 I do daddy!

           Sounds like daddy can be rewarded 
           with a deep skullfuck if he treats You 
           right. Son.

0h yes daddy! Your boy loves to sniff
  poppers and skull fuck for hours...

                    Son, do you like making the thick 
                    slimy spit flow from daddy's throat?

Oh yes daddy!

                   Good boy. Bet you love just looking 
                   down on daddy pigging out to make 
                   his son happy.

Fuck yeah! Love watching daddy
  suck me!

                    That's what a hot son deserves - a 
                    daddy who's his cocksucker.

0h yes daddy! You understand what 1
  I need and how badly I lust for it...

                            Daddy loves being his son's 

  Oh daddy...I am in heat today and
  need to be sucked so bad!

  My balls are full and only daddy
  knows how to empty them...

             Wish I were on my knees with your
             cock in my mouth, son.

  Me too sir! I am so horny today and
Ldon't know what to do with myself!!

              I wish I were not at work now.

 Same here!!!

            Daddy knows his purpose - to take 
             care of his son's cock and earn His 

 Oh daddy! I need to cum so bad!

             You deserve to, son. It's your right.

  I know! I need a mouth to worship
  me today!!

           It probably won't serve you as well as 
           I can, son.

  Looking forward to you proving that...

Thursday, July 7, 2016

I Learn Something New Every Day...

Yesterday, it was that my dick gets really hard when I choke a hot boy and whisper in his ear how nasty I want to get with him. 

Today, it's how hard my dick gets when I write about it.